Installation in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and the Eastern Dakotas.

Bucky Lift’s goal is to make your installation as pleasant as posible. We do this with professional installers, who understand we are there to serve you. Bucky Lift has developed a strong relationship with most major manufactures, which normally allows us to resolve any installation issues directly with the manufacture. Installing a VRC properly, requires skill and a good understanding of tight tolerances.

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Bucky lift does the mechanical and electrical installation of VRCs. If a installer doesn’t do the electrical wiring how can they do a proper start up and adjustments.

Homerun Method

When wiring the controls, Bucky uses the homerun method of wiring. Diagnosing problems from the control panel can save you money when doing future maintenance.

Daisy Chain Method

Electricians and some installers use the daisy chain method. Although this is more profitable for them, this can cause serious diagnostic issues in the future.

Saftey Regulations

Our installation teams are certified to install VRC’s according to ANSI/ASME B20.1 safety regulations. We offer turnkey installations including permits and inspections.


After installation and inspection, we train your associates on how to safely operate your lift.


Bucky Lift’s experience has allowed us to be involved in large, unique and special installations.

Bucky not only keeps up with changing codes, we keep track of permit requirements and special governmental requirements. ( I.E. Minnesota requires a elevator license to install a special governmental requirements. ( I.E. Minnesota requires a elevator license to install a VRC, we have it. Wisconsin requires a electrical license to wire a VRC, we have it.)
If you have any installation requirements in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa or the Dakotas, let Bucky Lift help.